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Tips to Prevent Car Accidents

06 November 2021

Over 5470 road accidents- causing injuries- were reported in Singapore in 2020 alone. These car wrecks are caused by several factors, including careless driving, bad weather, and poor car conditions.

The majority of accidents happening on our roads are preventable. The problem is most road users neglect traffic rules and regulations. Below we’ve discussed some top tips to prevent car accidents and keep our roads safe for everyone;


1. Obey all traffic rules

Observing traffic rules and regulations is a must if you want to prevent car accidents. Traffic rules protect everyone on the road. They give road users directives to ensure there is order and everyone is safe on the road. There are many traffic rules to observe, including speed limits, traffic signs, to name a few!


2. Practice defensive driving

Practising defensive driving does much more in preventing car accidents than being cautious. While cautious driving prevents you from causing accidents, being defensive helps you foresee and avoid possible car crashes.

Defensive driving techniques help you to defend yourself from possible road wrecks caused by other reckless drivers. Some essential rules in defensive driving include; looking up ahead when driving, maintaining safe driving distance, being aware of your blind spots, and avoiding distractions.


3. Buckle up while driving

Putting on a seat belt is one sure way to reduce car accidents. Seat belts can prevent a driver or passengers from being ejected from a car in case of a crash, thereby preventing serious injury. According to research, seat belts cut the risk of death by up to 45%.


4. Don’t Overspeed

Speed driving is dangerous and causes about a third of all reported car crashes. To minimize car accidents and stay safe, always drive within the speed limit and maintain a safe distance with the next vehicle.

Also, even when there seems to be no one on the road, avoid the urge to speed. When speeding, cars require a longer braking distance and increase the chances of losing control on slick roads, gravel, or curves, increasing the risks of accidents.


5. Drive safely at intersections.

Lots of accidents occur at intersections because of limited vision. You need to be careful when driving through intersections to avoid collisions. When approaching an intersection with the green light on, slow down and check for cars to evaluate potential risks before moving. If the light is yellow, stop your car to avoid driving through a red light.


6. Don’t drive under the influence

Drink driving is one of the major reasons for vehicle accidents. Alcohol and other drugs impair your judgment, making you lose focus while driving. This can result in driving errors and, ultimately, accidents. If you intend on going out for a drink, ensure you bring along a designated driver or use ride services.


7. Other valuable tips to prevent accidents;

Avoid distractions like phone calls or eating while driving.

Observe proper car maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in optimum working condition. Quality services like Hin Lung Auto are preferred for such services for maximum safety. Constantly check your entire car during long drives, including lights, brakes, mirrors, and tires. Avoid travelling at night if possible. Keep lights on when travelling at night, dawn, and when it is raining.

While there are many efforts to prevent car accidents, crashes are being reported daily on our roads. The most common but easily avoidable reasons are reckless driving, driving under the influence, and driving poorly maintained and low-quality cars. It is your sole responsibility as a road user to stay safe on the road. Practice the tips above to prevent accidents. Hin Lung Auto got you covered for the best cars and proper car maintenance to stay safe and avoid accidents.


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