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Things New Drivers Can Do To Overcome Their Fears

20 November 2021

New drivers in Singapore may find driving to be intimidating. Even though it might be scary at first, considering how difficult our roads can be, driving more often will help you become a better driver. You can't just drive 1,000km on the day you pass your driving test. Licensing simply means you're ready to leave the driving school and start learning on your own on public roads.


Here are a few more tips on how you can improve.


1. Share a ride with a friend


When you're nervous about driving, try driving with a friend. Maybe you shouldn't head out on the road alone just yet, but ask a more experienced friend or relative to be your passenger? Knowing you have one more set of eyes watching over you on the road will help reduce any anxiety you might have.

When you encounter challenging road situations, do not be afraid of asking your companion a question, as this will give you confidence in the future.


2. Enroll in extra courses


Upon receiving a license, not everyone begins driving immediately. For some, it takes several years to get their first car. Getting more practice may help you grow in confidence. If you are looking to build your driving confidence, driving schools offer both refresher courses and extra lessons.

Even advanced courses on improving your driving can enhance your skills in emergency situations by helping you to work on defensive driving. For those without access to a vehicle or the chance to practice on their own, this is great.


3. Identifying your fears and weaknesses


Understand why you are nervous when you drive. Prior to getting in the car, you should find out which aspect of your driving makes you nervous. Examples are listed below.

- Traffic merging

- Traffic jams at crossroads

- Parking in parallel

- The changing of lanes

- Having to drive next to larger vehicles

You can begin to work on each anxiety trigger slowly once you identify what causes it. Possibly share it with the friend or instructor who helps you improve. Please do not allow drivers behind you to pressure you into making mistakes.


4. Dealing with your driving anxiety


Getting behind the wheel again may cause you anxiety, but you can deal with it. Maybe you feel afraid of it happening again after an accident. Consider these tips for dealing with it.

- Recreate the experience of going back to your happy place and doing the same thing you did when you were driving. Having that experience will help you remember why you were driving.

- Use relaxation techniques to calm yourself when you're in the car. Breathe deeply for five minutes before you leave.


5. Fear of being involved in an accident


Accidents can happen even when you're careful. A lot of times, when something like this occurs for the first time, we aren't sure what to do. But the most important thing is not to panic and to follow these steps...

- Ensure that you and your passengers are not injured. Seek emergency assistance if someone is seriously hurt. Note all injuries suffered by all parties and take photos if possible.

- If another party was involved in the accident, do not move either vehicle until pictures have been taken. It is important to take photos of both the vehicles up close and the whole scene. Include any road markings you can. Ensure that you take pictures of all involved vehicles' plates as well.


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