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Keeping Your Car in Good Condition: 8 Essential Steps

04 December 2021

Regular maintenance is important, especially if you drive a car that is considered "old" by today's standards. When it's time to pop the hood or kick the tires, our car maintenance checklist will ensure all bases are covered to help you save money and take extra care of your daily driver. Here are some tasks that you can do yourself.


Read through your owner's manual

Driving manuals are usually ignored by many drivers, but consider this: If you bought a new technology device, would you start using it before reading any instructions? A car is no different.


It takes just 60 seconds to notice a lot

When something is amiss, you can easily notice it. For instance, you should make sure all the lights work regularly. Having working headlights, taillights, and turn signals are vital for driver safety and are a lawful requirement. Also, check the body, undercarriage, and hood for rust. Untreated rust can cause serious damage.


1. Ensure your car's engine is properly lubricated

On the windshield at businesses that change oil, stickers with an odometer reading mark the recommended time for you to return for another chance. A dipstick, or an electronic gauge in newer vehicles, can be used to check oil levels. A dark or muddy oil should be changed. It should be somewhat translucent and have a smooth texture.


2. Inspect all your other fluids

You can manually check other fluids in your car as well. Washer fluid is easy to run out, and it can also be very easy to refill as you run low. Engine coolant, antifreeze, and steering fluid all have dipsticks or gauges, which make checking their levels easy.


3. Battery check

When following the right steps, testing or replacing car batteries can be relatively straightforward. You should examine the battery for broken cables, cracked casings, corrosion, dirt, and other signs of damage.


4. Rotate and replace your tires

It is always necessary to check the tire pressure, so even a quick walk around will show if any of the tires are lower than they should be. Make sure the treads aren't too worn out. Tire pressure gauges are a great way to monitor the amount of air inside your tires because they are relatively low-tech.


5. Cabin and air filters

The following two filters are vital to the protection of the engine and the quality of the air inside the cabin. Engine air filters prevent dirt as well as debris from entering the engine. This also includes dust or other particles from the cabin getting into the engine.

The cabin filter prevents pollutants from flowing through the HVAC system. The air inside the building is protected from dust, smog, pollen, and mould spores, among others. To maintain that, you will also need to change your cabin filter.


6. Spark plugs

Engine efficiency is greatly influenced by spark plugs, and they can be susceptible to buildup that affects overall performance. Spark plug replacement should follow your owner's manual but may need to happen sooner if:

- Cars have difficulty accelerating.

- The engine has difficulty starting or you hear odd "popping" sounds.

- The fuel economy is getting worse.

- Check your spark plugs for black electrodes and tips from engine crud. If so, they need to be cleaned or replaced.


7. Examining the belts

Belts such as timing and serpentine must be replaced sooner or later. Each manufacturer has their own recommendations on when you should do that, so there isn't a universal number to follow for every vehicle. It's difficult to replace this outside of a garage, so it's better left to a mechanic. However, you may be able to detect some signs of trouble. Cracks, frays, and slipping tension are warning signs that a belt is on its way out.


8. Changing windshield wiper blades

Keep an eye on your windshield wipers, especially in bad weather, because they can take a real beating. When leftover water streaks onto your windshield after every swipe, you may need new wipers. A washcloth can be used to wipe down rubber to see if that improves performance.


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